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The Oddball.

It’s a little crazy to start a clothing company in Arizona. While like many states, Arizona used to have a nice little garment making industry, those days are long gone. Pattern makers, sewing professionals, fabric cutters, grading and marker making; they're the bones of the clothing industry and these skills begun to disappear with the move by most brands offshore in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Our odd geography has contributed to our vertically integrated structure. From idea to out the door our record is 1 week. We think it, we make it, we put it on-line. We also avoid high inventory levels by producing in smaller quantities. We don’t guess what customers will want in three months. We start by producing a little, if people like what we do sometimes we make more, other times we don’t depending on fabric availability or seasonality.

We actually think Arizona is a great place to make clothing. The already fair wages we pay our staff go further here and we get to make beautiful things in a beautiful place. On our morning commute we get mountains, a cactus or two, stunning sunrises and the occasional coyote. Not bad right?

Keeping It Simple.

E-commerce will always be our primary means of communication and product delivery. It not only helps us sustain things like fair wages, and the higher costs of sustainable fabrics but it's also inherently a more sustainable way of doing business. Emissions are generated during trips to physical stores. There is also the relatively high energy footprint for maintaining the store itself and transporting products to brick and mortar stores from warehouse locations around the country. Our simple model of making our products on-site, retailing and shipping direct out of a single location helps us keep our footprint smaller than similarly sized companies.

Be Kind.

We’ve been big believers in giving back from day one. We think commerce with a conscious isn’t just good PR, it also creates a stronger company. We care about many of the same things our customers care about. We aim to give back 10% of profits to causes focused on sustainability and wildlife preservation. We created our Lobo leggings to help support a local non-profit’s work with injured and displaced wildlife and the Mexican Gray Wolf.

We try to run our workshop well. We recycle (a lot). We recycle the paper used in our dyeing process. We encourage staff to use re-useable water bottles to reduce the need for plastic recycling. We also try to reduce plastic packaging for our web site sales. For almost all of our retail sales we stick to paper with a minimum of 50% recycled content. We’ve selected packaging that can be re-used for returns and exchanges coming back to us and then we recycle that packaging too.

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